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A Massively Parallel Sequencing Approach Uncovers Ancient Origins and High Genetic Variability of Endangered Przewalski’s Horses

A Blind Circadian Clock in Cavefish Reveals that Opsins Mediate Peripheral Clock Photoreception

A New Dolphin Species, the Burrunan Dolphin Tursiops australis sp. nov., Endemic to Southern Australian Coastal Waters

A Shot in the dark: same-sex sexual behaviour in a deep sea-squid

The Northwest Passage opens for bowhead whales

Community structure and diversity of tropical forest mammals: data from a global camera trap network

Models predict that culling is not a feasible strategy to prevent extinction of Tasmanian devils from facal tumour disease

Colossal aggregations of giant alien freshwater fish as a potential biogeochemical hotspot

Genome sequencing reveals insights into physiology and longevity of the naked mole rat

A simple test of vocal individual recognition in wild meerkats

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