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Horizontal transfers of Tc1 elements between teleost fishes and their vertebrate parasites, lampreys

Aphanius arakensis, a new species of tooth-carp (Actinopterygii, Cyprinodontidae) from the endorheic Namak Lake basin in Iran

A new species of the genus Helcogramma from Taiwan

Altitude acts as an environmental filter on phylogenetic composition, traits and diversity in bee communities

Evolutionary novelty in a rat with no molars

A new species of coralsnake of the genus Calliophis from the west coast of peninsular India

No third-party punishment in chimpanzees

Validity and redescription of the flathead fish, Onigocia macrocephala

Genetic analysis reveals the wild ancestors of the llama and the alpaca

A checklist of the moray eels of the world

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