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Congruent responses to weather variability in high arctic herbivores

Profundulus kreiseri, a new species of Profundulidae (Teleostei, Cyprinodontiformes) from northwestern Honduras

Mouth asymmetry in the textbook example of scale-eating cichlid fish is not a discrete dimorphism after all

Of Mice, Birds, and Men: The Mouse Ultrasonic Song System Has Some Features Similar to Humans and Song-Learning Birds

Taxonomic assessment of Diporiphora dragon lizards from the western arid zone of Australia

Dental morphology of the Lesser Bamboo Rat, Cannomys badius

How does climate change cause extinction?

Dolphins Can Maintain Vigilant Behavior through Echolocation for 15 Days without Interruption or Cognitive Impairment

Neuentdeckte Fischarten

A new stem-neopterygian fish from the Middle Triassic of China shows the earliest over-water gliding strategy of the vertebrates

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