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The paradox of extreme high-altitude migration in bar-headed geese Anser indicus

A New Rhynchocephalian from the Late Jurassic of Germany with a Dentition That Is Unique amongst Tetrapods

Current Biology: Speaking Animals

The world’s rarest whale

Impact of parasites on salmon recruitment in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean

A new ceratopsid from the Foremost Formation (middle Campanian) of Alberta

Description of two new Carlia species (Reptilia: Scincidae) from north-east Australia, elevation of Carlia pectoralis inconnexa Ingram & Covacevich 1989 to full species status, and redescription of Carlia pectoralis (de Vis 1884)

Environmental Enrichment Reduces Signs of Boredom in Caged Mink

Kretzoiarctos gen. nov., the Oldest Member of the Giant Panda Clade

Cascading climate effects and related ecological consequences during past centuries

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